• Jens Hannibal

How to set your culinary spirit free and discover a profound joy of everyday cooking

Are you often not motivated to cook? If the answer to this question is YES, have you asked yourself why that is? In my experience, a lot of people don't really enjoy everyday cooking, but rather see it as a chore, because they just don't know what to cook. They feel like they need to trawl through recipe books or online in order to find the recipe, then go buy the ingredients, then prepare the meal, and then you're left over with a bunch of ingredients you may not know what to do with. Sound familiar?

My promise to you is that you can discover or re-discover a profound joy of the humble everyday meal without ever having to use a recipe. These days I very rarely do. Least not for everyday purposes. If you learn the principles underlying, say, a stir-fry, an omelette, a casserole, soup, sautée, fried noodles, a whole meal salad.. then you can literally create thousands of dishes (your own recipes) free from the hip. I guarantee you, it's MUCH more fun cooking like that, and you will be able to eat a lot more of what's in season, try out new things, experiment and have some good ol' fun with it. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: 

“The person who grasps principles can successfully handle his/her own methods (recipes). The person who tries methods (recipes), ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.”

Start liberating your home-cooking culinary spirit by getting to grasp with this whole idea of ‘cooking with principles’. The latest one focuses on pasta, which is a fantastic one to get your cooking head around. You can make pasta with pretty much anything, and it’s so delicious. Use wholegrain for extra fibre and gluten-free pasta if that’s your thing. This video covers the ultimate classic: tomato sauce. But there will be more videos to follow soon that covers other types of sauces as well. That’s all a pasta is really: pasta + sauce +  veggies/pulses/meat/fish/cheese/herbs.

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