• Jens Hannibal

Book Recommendation: "In Defense of Food - The Myth of Nutrition and the Pleasures of Eating"

‘In Defence of Food’ by Michael Pollan, one of our world changer heroes, is an amazing read if you're interested in food, the food system and where it came from and where it's headed.

In this book, Pollan cuts through all the fuzz and confusion that has come with the ‘age of nutritionism’.

It’s not that many decades ago where things such as diets, supplements and nutritionist didn’t exist. It was a time where people simply ate food, and that food was sourced from the local farm, it was in season, and it was unprocessed, contrary to a the many ‘food-like’ substances that are on the market today (17500 new products added every years in the US).

Even if you are not interested in the grander picture that is the food industry, farming, producers and so on, we think that getting the main point of In Defense of Food, that is, you do not need nutritionists, diet fads, excluding whole food groups, and being obsessive in order to be really healthy.

We believe that what the majority of people are most interested in, when it comes to food, is to ENJOY IT! And ENJOYMENT somehow seems to run counter to most diet fads and isms these days, all if which, without exception, tell you what it is that you can't do or eat. That per definition limits the ENJOYMENT you get from eating for most of us.

Pollan’s philosophy on food is simple: ‘Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.’ The resemblance to our own, ‘eat like a bear’ philosophy is striking. It's available from Amazon for about a tenner.

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