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We are all part of nature. And nature is part of us. But in our urban consumer driven societies we have all but lost the connection to the eco-systems that support our existence. Yet it’s on this connection that not only our future, but that of all other complex life depends. If we pollute the water and air, we have to drink that water and breathe that air. If we deforest the planet, we create devastating impacts for our children and grandchildren, as well as for other species that share the planet with us. Our current food choices, a relentless focus on industrialised farming and meat factories is having a devastating impact on the planet. 


The good news is that each of us, collectively, hold the power to change that. That’s why The Bear Kitchen’s core purpose, what informs all of our actions at the most fundamental level is



We know the complexity of it can seem overwhelming and make us feel powerless. What difference does it make what I as in individual do? EAT LIKE A BEAR is a simple idea, and in its memorable simplicity lies its strength. It empowers each of us to see beyond our indifference and to take action, starting right now, about the environmental degradation and climate change caused by our food choices. It empowers us put an and to greedy corporations exchanging short-term profits at the expense of our health and long-term sustainability. It empowers us to make a real difference for ourselves, for our children and for their children's children future. 


Our vision is to see the connection between humanity and nature – and the balance within us and between us – restored. We invite you to join us in telling a different story about what it means to be human and to be part of a greater whole. Join the movement and be part of making history. Together we will change the world by changing the way we eat. 

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