The Impact of Our Current Food Choices

  • Overconsumption of animal products and highly processed foods is a leading cause of deadly lifestyle illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. 

  • Factory farmed meat (particularly cows) accounts for more greenhouse gasses (GHG) than the entire global transport sector combined; it uses vast quantities of land and resources for feed - rather than food - and is primary driver of deforestation, pollution and climate change. 

  • Overfishing by massive factory ships and high intensity aquaculture (particularly salmon) that use wild fish for a feed has decimated wild populations. Most fish stocks are already in decline or depleted. 

The above is a condensed version of the facts. It's all you need to know really, to know that you too must act. Of course if you'd like to dig deeper and gain more understanding you can check out our YOUTUBE CHANNEL, follow our blog, sign up for our newsletter and follow our FACEBOOK page where we regularly post articles and other content that has inspired us to take action. We are working on compiling a full catalogue of resources books, documentaries, etc. that will be available here on the the website in the near future.

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