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change the world by changing the way we eat.

The need for proper nutrition to sustain health and your immune system has never been more paramount. At The Bear Kitchen, we are determined to help the best we can to see us through the COVID-19 crisis. You can now have our food delivered to your home – and donate to help us get free meals to NHS workers.

What to expect.

Our food identity is rooted in Nordic tradition with Indo-Asian influences. Our colourful menus are plant-powered with a strong focus on seasonality and local sourcing. They are packed full of fibres, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, plant proteins and complex carbs. They provide optimal nutrition for well-being, energy and high productivity. We respect individual choice so well-sourced meat and fish are optional add-ons in healthy, planet-friendly portions. Below you can see a couple examples of our varied team lunch menus. New ones are continuously created. 


Marrowfat peas grown in Essex in a fresh coconut green curry with cauliflower, aubergine & green peppers.

Carrot slaw with dried black currants, orange, lime & roasted peanuts.

Salad of various lettuces, herbs & brassicas with a rapeseed oil, lemon grass & honey vinaigrette. Steamed basmati rice, locally grown red quinoa & wild rice. 

Pickled apple, spring onion & purple basil relish. Sweet & sour chilli sauce. 

Toasted seeds & nuts.

Optional add-on:
Chicken from Fosse Meadow farm slow-braised w. lemon grass & ginger.


Locally grown red haricot beans & olive green lentils cooked with chipotle, ancho -and passilla chillies.


Smokey quinoa grown in Kent, grilled corn, long green peppers, green peas, runner beans, baby spinach in organic, cold pressed rapeseed oil, lime juice & coriander.


Cole-slaw with a slow roasted tomatoes & vegan oat-based emulsion. Tomato, day-old sourdough bread, herb & avocado salsa.
Parsley & coriander chimichurri.

Sour cream from Tim’s dairy. 

Corn tortillas.


Optional add-on: 

Pork from Plantation Pigs slow roasted with wild fennel & hogweed seeds, pulled & served with crunchy crackling (chicken alternative available). 

What our friends say.

Kate Walsh

Employee Experience Manager, AIRBNB HQ LONDON

Thanks for a brilliant experience. It

was all I imagined and more! The team were so happy and you could feel an elevation of energy in the room. The food was superb - even better than described.

Amy Morris

Sustainability Coordinator, WAITROSE & PARTNERS

Amazing food, with such a powerful philosophy behind. Our team have been raving about it since!


Our purpose

is to empower YOU to make a positive difference by making better food choices.

Our philosophy is simple: Eat like a bear. Why bears? Because the bear eats mostly plant. She’s never heard of ‘seasonal’ or ‘local’, yet she eats nothing else. And she doesn’t eat all the highly processed foods and factory farmed meat that are destroying our health and the planet. ‘Eat like a bear’ serves as a gentle guideline for making healthier and more planet-friendly food choices whilst respecting individual preferences, food cultures and traditions. Join the movement and help change the world by changing the way we eat.

Beyond a plate of food

  • It’s inclusive. Brings people together around the pleasure of a good meal, regardless of personal preferences. 

  • It’s easy. Saves time and avoids stress for the person in charge of organising.

  • It’s story-telling. Raises your brand profile by showing that you care for your people and for the planet.

  • It’s healthy and energising. Increases well-being, boosts energy and productivity and brings joy.


Who we are

We are two fellow Danes who had a serendipitous meeting of minds in London. Both of us have an unwavering determination to make a positive difference in the world. We founded The Bear Kitchen to help raise awareness about the importance of food choices for joy, for health and for the future of our planet and humanity. With love, Jens & Michael


"It’s so easy for us to lose the connection with the natural world, yet it’s on this connection that the future of both humanity and the natural world will depend. Surely it’s our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on earth."

- Sir David Attenborough

Start eating like a bear.

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